TJ & Charissa

How we met

Hello, Charissa and I (TJ) met at Bible college. One of the first things I noticed about Charissa was how excited she was to serve our Savior. We did a few ministries together during college and as we got to know each other, we found that we both wanted to be active in camping ministry as well as youth ministry.


Our Calling

Charissa and I were both excited about missions from a young age. From stories of amazing missionaries and the miraculous things God did with them, to mission trips, where we both (seperately) were able to see God work in us, around us, and through us. Charissa and I joined with Mitch and Tami as missionary interns at Forward Bible Camp through InFaith. We were sent by Galt Bible Church, and plan to continue being full-time missionaries until God tells us to do something else.


How we serve together

I enjoy having Charissa as my partner in ministry. As we have 5 kids now, she is extremely busy with family matters, but always helps in ministry as well. When camp is going, I rarely see my family, but Charissa is vital to our ministry even then. She is active in our staffing, and I follow her lead at Good News Clubs. When I am prepping a sermon or lesson, Charissa helps me with application and object lessons. It is great to have my best friend at my side as we serve the Lord together.

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Morris Family


We are now a family of 7.

Annalise was born December 7th, 2018.

Oliver is 4 and is a sweet little guy. He is going into pre-K next year.


Konner is 6. He jumps when he gets excited, and he gets excited about all kinds of things.


Madilynn is 9. She still likes being our princess and dresses up all the time. She loves horses.


Ian is 10. He loves to read and make friends. He loves Jesus, Creation, and life.

We love serving together as a family. It is great to be able to have our kids with us as we serve the Lord.