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Our ministries look different throughout the year. This page tells a little bit about those ministries that our family are involved in.

Summer Camp


Camp at Forward Bible Camp (FBC) is different than most camps. The goal of FBC and InFaith is to reach the unreached. We know that there are many kids that would not be allowed to go to a Bible camp if it were to cost a lot, and we do everything we can to keep costs down, and then offer scholarships to people that can't afford it still. One of the main ways that we do this is by having no paid staff. All of our staff are either missionaries or volunteers. Charissa and TJ are in charge of the camp program, staff recruiting and training, and summer missions.



Charissa and I love working with the kids of our church as well. Being local missionaries, we end up speaking away from our church almost half the year, but love to be involved at our church when we are home.

I love working with the youth at church and am the middle school "Go" group leader. For small group time the students are split up in to Know, Grow, and Go groups based on where their relationship is at with Christ. I love encouraging the young leaders to Go and make disciples by sharing their faith with their friends and family.

Staff Training

I love leading and training teens and adults. One of my greatest joys in ministry comes from getting to see leaders become better leaders. Many of my skills with people and leadership lend to working alongside volunteers and encouraging them to be the spiritual leaders that God wants them to be. I prepare hands on training, online training, and opportunities for volunteers to grow in their leadership skills.

Fall Retreat


Similar to summer camp, the goal of our Fall Retreat is to have bring teens closer to Christ without charging too much. Instead of planning this event on our own with the help of a few summer missionaries, we work directly with local youth pastors in planning a weekend that brings their group closer together as well as with other groups and their relationship with God. This event is designed to be done with a youth group, so if you or someone you know is interested, please contact us.

Rental Groups


One way that we keep our camp costs down is to rent out the facilities to other groups, when it isn't being used by our missions camps. The camp rents to youth camps/retreats as well as men's camps/retreats, with a few other groups occasionaly. TJ is in charge of setting up and contacting rental groups, as well as recruiting to operate those rentals. 

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