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  • TJ Morris

Created with a Purpose

I love to see youth find their purpose. Cold Springs Church, where we attend when we are home, has been going through a series called "Growing Young". One thing that stood out to me was Pastor Nick Campagna talking about the teens that grow up and out of youth group, but don't want to go to "Big Church" because "that's not my church". I find that heartbreaking. I want the local body of Christ, of all ages, to find connection and purpose. If you know a kid or a teen that goes to church every week, but doesn't have a place for them to serve, see if your church has a place for them to serve someone younger than them. Please pray for the youth of The Divide with my family and I, as we share Jesus with them and help them to find purpose.

In the devotional “Created On Purpose With Purpose” was a quote from Anatole France, who said, “The average man, who does not know what to do with his life, wants another one which will last forever.” This quote made me think about how we often live, whether for a moment or years, like we want something other than what God has given us. I want to live my life as God wants me to, not looking at what could be if… but what is now. We are so blessed to have forgiveness offered through Jesus’ sacrifice, and on top of that be blessed with unique gifts, talents, and abilities to serve Him. There are many things that I get to try in ministry that aren’t where my talents are, but God has blessed me with a flexible spirit and a desire to learn more. Last week I was pulling wire through a new nurse’s station and putting in insulation (which everyone loves =) ), while the week before I was working on a website. I pray that as this letter goes out, you would find a place for God to use what He has blessed you with. As always, if those gifts, talents, and abilities cross into anything camp related, we would love to have you serve with us at Forward Bible Camp.

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