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Madilynn Morris - Pre-summer

Hi my name is Madi,

I love where I live, and I will tell you why. I live at Forward Bible Camp; In the summer we have kids camps for ages 7 to 18.

For people over 16 who want to be at camp all summer they can volunteer as summer missionaries who stay at camp all summer and get to try all different ways to help around camp. Even after you are too old to go to camp you can still help by being a cabin leader, helping in the kitchen, cleaning with the staff group, helping clean camp after the winter, or preaching in chapel.

This year I get to be a cabin leader and I am so excited to get to know the girls in my cabin and tell them about my relationship with God and how they can have a relationship with him to. When I am not a cabin leader, I get to be a camper. And every year I have so much fun meeting new friends and growing closer to God.

One of my favorite things to do though is to help clean bathrooms and make food for the campers and staff. It may not sound very fun, but I love it because I enjoy getting to know the staff members who help during my camp and help others during their camps.

Camp has been an amazing place to grow up and I cannot wait for this summer and getting to meet our campers, staff, and summer missionaries.

I would love to have your support either through prayer, encouraging words, or financial support if possible. This year I am hoping to raise enough support to next year be able to go to some other camps I love, like Broken Arrow Bible Ranch, and to go see some of my family in Texas and Tennessee.

If you would like to join my support team, please send checks to:

Forward Bible Camp c/o Madilynn Morris 10321 Wentworth Springs Road Georgetown CA 95634

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