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  • Charissa Morris

Change is in the Wind (And Lots of Rain and Snow too)!

Please pray with us, as we begin our next semester of Good News Clubs at Northside and Georgetown Elementary schools. We are seeking more help. Our intern, Cameren, has completed his one year internship and is moving on to church ministry. Cameren has been a great help at Good News Club and the kids have really liked having a teenage brother at home. We are so excited to see God leading Cameren to serve in worship, teen, and young adult ministries at our church. We are praying for new hearts to be stirred to join us at Good News Club this coming semester. As we spread the word to the local churches please pray with us that Christians who have a heart to reach their local elementary students would hear our invitation and join this amazing ministry. Our first clubs for 2017 begin the last week in January.

Along with Good News Clubs and the Impact teen study at Golden Sierra Junior and Senior High, we spend a large part of our Winter and Spring preparing for summer ministries at Forward Bible Camp. We are currently preparing for a new summer program, seeking out volunteers, and speaking at local churches, Bible clubs and youth groups to invite campers and volunteers alike, to join us this summer! God is currently working to bring more servants here to Forward Bible Camp. We are excited to share with you that a new family will be joining us here at the camp in the coming year. Brian, Norma and their son Bryson McCord are preparing to become our neighbors here at the camp. Brian and Norma are retiring from their jobs, selling their home and moving to camp! Please pray with us for Gods timing and a good sale price during this process. Brian will supervise the maintenance of the facilities and grounds and Norma will be our new Food Service Manager. We are all so very excited to see how God will bring together our team to open more opportunities to reach our community for Christ as well as strengthen our ministry at Forward Bible Camp. What a great start to a new year!

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