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Catching a glimpse of the bigger picture.


Recently Charissa and I were able to go to Philadelphia to be a part of our missions Refresh conference. The conference was held just outside Philadelphia, in Amish country. It was fun to get to see another camp and how they do things. It was also fun to see Amish country and their way of life (I'm so very thankful for this computer that I am able to write to you with). Charissa and I also won two of the three grand prizes at the conference (a laptop and a flight), which was really fun.

My favorite part of the conference week was getting to see Philadelphia. Our mission started in Philadelphia 200 years ago, and our mission prepared a walking tour to show some of the history of Philadelphia, the founding fathers, and how much of our country's early history was influenced by Christian faith and values. We ended the walking tour in Christ Church, which was founded in 1744. We had a celebration that night in that very historic building, where we praised our God for working through people to start our mission and who is still continuing to work through InFaith missionaries to bring others to Himself.

One of the testimonies at the celebration was from Rich Cundall, who is on our board of trustees. He had found a story of a missionary that shared Christ with a man. The man realized he was a sinner, asked Jesus to forgive his sins, and became a Christian. The man proceeded to lead his wife to Christ, and then his kids. 100 years later, the great grandson of that same man, Rich, was standing in front of us, sharing how important our ministry is, and how much it impacts lives, whether we know it or not.

I often think of the well-known missionaries; Jim & Elisabeth Elliot, Gladys Allward, Hudson Taylor, and they encourage me to do my best for God, but they also make me wonder what impact I am having in the world for Christ. It was humbling and exciting to see how one missionary can make a difference, acting on a single God-ordained opportunity, that led to an entire family, for generations, following God. May you and I not miss these opportunities that God presents us with to fulfill His bigger picture.

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