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Mini-golf for Jesus

A few years ago, my dad wanted to see the mini-golf improved at camp, so he bought flags, putters, and balls to update the old course that we started calling "Ancient ruins mini-golf". This year we had a young woman named Emma Cater that decide to do her Eagle project for Scouts at camp. She worked with a contractor, her family, donors, and her troop to remodel the mini-golf course. Part of the project was to design signs for each hole.

Last week, I had a cabin leader named Chelsea tell me that she had two campers in her cabin that wanted to give their lives to Jesus. I was thrilled that she not only had one, but two girls in her cabin that were excited to make this decision. I asked, "What conversation led to this decision? Was it chapel, cabin talk, or something else?" She told me that they were playing mini-golf, and that while they were playing, they would talk about the stories on the hole numbers. Throughout the course they shared about the forgiveness that God offers through Jesus death on the cross, and the girls both decided that they wanted to choose God's free gift of salvation. What a blessing to see a project that had been needed for years come together and not only help campers to have a great time at camp, but point them to a relationship with God.

This week I had a camper, and his cabin leader Owen, that came to my office to talk. The camper missed his mom, and as we talked, it came out that part of missing his mom was broken relationships here at camp. The camper was holding his Bible, as they were ready for chapel. I asked him if he knew much about the book that he was holding. He said that he didn't. We talked about the broken relationship that Adam and Eve had with God at the beginning of the Bible in Genesis and our broken relationship with God due to our sin in Romans 3. After telling him about Jesus coming to pay for that sin, he decided that he wanted to ask God for forgiveness and give his life to God. My family prays daily for the harvest at camp(Luke 10:2), but it is so special when God allows me to be a part of it.

Please pray for the rest of our summer. There is a lot left and many campers that need to hear the good news of Jesus, as well as campers that know Him already and just need to grow closer to God.


On a side note, Ian and Madi are unofficial summer missionaries again this summer. They have already been working hard, and I want to share their newsletters with you, so that you can pray for them and consider joining their support team. As unofficial summer missionaries, they are only able to receive direct support, and gifts to them are not tax deductible.


What was your first experience at summer camp? I have lived at a summer camp my whole life, but I still have some incredible first memories. I remember my first cabin leader, I remember my first experience in chapel, I even remember the first night game I played. These memories are so important to me and are why I want to be a Summer Missionary at Forward Bible Camp this summer. I have seen and experienced firsthand what God can do at a summer camp for the kids and in some cases even more for the leaders. The first time I remember feeling impacted by God through camp was when I was about five years old; I was watching one of our volunteers clean tables in the eating area and he decided to tell me a story about a knight, a princess, and a dragon. While I don’t remember this story very clearly, I remember the way he told it, he told it with such excitement and vividness I thought I was in the story. I could tell that he cared about me, and not even just me but the job he was currently completing. Over the years since that first memory, I have felt God impact me many more times with many other people and situations. He has set me on a path towards ministry because of camp. This is why I want to be a Summer Missionary; I have seen God work through others and I want him to work through me, I want others to see that God cares for them through me like I did through that volunteer on that summer day. 

I have been a Summer Missionary for multiple years, and I think this is the place God wants me to be this summer. Now that I have been doing this for a couple of years, I can tell you it will start easy; devotions and three meals every day. But about halfway through it gets hard to be that light to the other people around you, If I want to survive through this summer I am going to need to rely on Jesus, just like Paul said, “Therefore I will boast more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” I know that I may forget this verse when that tiring season comes around, so I would like to ask you to support me in my mission to serve this summer. Pray for me when you think of me. Pray for perseverance to make it through the difficult and long days. Pray for kindness when I am tired and reflecting on Jesus is more difficult. Pray that I would be a good teammate throughout the whole summer. And pray that I grow closer to God through this opportunity. 

Because of my support team, last year I raised just over one thousand dollars and this year I hope to raise even more as I will have driving expenses when I turn 16 in October. I have just over $1,600 saved for a car and hope to put more into that savings this summer.  Thank you for being a part of my team; whether through prayer, financial support, or joining me at camp.

God Bless You – Ian Morris


Hi, I am Madilynn Morris,

      I live at Forward Bible Camp with my family. I enjoy the beautiful woods and work hard around the house as well as for neighbors. I like to spend time daily in God’s Word as well as grow in my faith at church and youth group weekly. I love acting and horseback riding and hope to do more of both in the coming year. With all the things I like, summer is still my favorite time of year. Summer brings campers, many more ways serve, and deeper discussions about God and His will for me. I am going into 9th grade and I’m so excited for my second year as a Summer Missionary at camp.


      Last year at camp I enjoyed leading little girls as a cabin leader, baking and cooking on the kitchen crew, cleaning bathrooms with my friends, making snow cones in the candy shop, and getting to develop meaningful friendships with the campers as well as other volunteers. One camper from last year stands out in my mind, as she was not looking forward to a move that her family was doing after camp. I enjoyed praying with her and talking with her about what was to come. I look forward to caring for others and encouraging them to trust God as our Fortress in both the good and the bad things to come. I am so excited to once again be part of all the fun. Camp has a special place in my heart as I feel called to serve children. At my church I love serving in the nursery and as a VBS leader. This summer is coming up fast and I can’t wait for camp to begin.


      I can’t make it through the whole summer without your support. Please pray that I can give my best and stay rested, as well as have wisdom and boldness to share my faith in Christ with campers and volunteers alike. It would be wonderful to have your support through prayer, encouraging words, or even financially. Last year I raised about $1,000 dollars and saved half of it for my future car while using the other half for day to day needs and wants. I would like to raise that amount again this summer with your help.



My financial goals this year: 

Raise enough to visit my cousins in Tennessee and Texas this coming year.

Join CYT (Christian Youth Theater) or something similar, to develop my skills on stage for Jesus.

Continue my savings for a car as I enter high school this year.


If you would like to join my support team, please send checks to:



Madilynn and Ian Morris

10321 Wentworth Springs Road Georgetown CA 95634

The camp and my parent’s mission, InFaith, don’t allow missionaries under the age of 16, so any donations to my summer of ministry will not be tax deductible.

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