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  • TJ Morris

I Need YOU

I love camp ministry, because I find it amazing how God works in the lives of people so quickly. We take some time away from normal distractions, serve others, and God uses it to change us. God uses it to change me. There have been so many times when I planned on a camper growing close to God through a well planned chapel, or a well timed activity that related to the Bible Lesson, only to find that God worked in my life.

Last summer I had the opportunity to pray with a young man that said he was struggling with getting angry at his siblings. He said that they would annoy him and he would blow up at them. He didn't like the way it made him feel to be angry at them. He wanted to ask God for peace to change the way he treated his siblings. I thought about my own frustrations, which can also come in the form of people. People that I don't give the same time and care as I show to others. People with challenging personalities or differing opinions than my own. People that I harbor resentment toward. People that I give up on. I was reminded that these very people are placed in my life by God, and yet, I don't show His love to them. As I prayed with this camper, I silently began praying for my heart toward these people as well. I look forward to the things that God is going to teach me this summer at camp.

I also look forward to how God will change you through serving alongside us. We need YOU at camp. Forward Bible Camp was started in 1934 by missionaries. The camp has been directed by missionaries since day one. We need about 100 volunteers and missionaries every year. We need people from 16 years old to 70 years old, to serve for one camp, a week or all summer, so please sign up right now, right HERE

If you know of someone else who needs to serve this summer, please forward this newsletter to them as well. Please pray with us for every volunteer position to be filled this summer. We look forward to seeing God changing us all this summer!

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