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Live like your loved

Speaker Dan Iles

There are many Jr. High students that don't know how to love others, simply because it hasn't been modeled to them. Many don't know the love that God shows us, or the love of a married pair of parents, or even the love of a good friend that cares about them. This week we are blessed to have Doug Collier and Dan Iles co-teach at our Jr. High boys camp. It has been really neat to see two completely different teaching styles, pointing boys to the love that Jesus showed us in dying for our sins on the cross. Dan Iles was a professor at Shasta Bible College in Redding when we were students, and is still teaching today. Both of our speakers have talked about the love that we have been given, and how that should lead to our showing love to others; a topic that these Jr. High boys need so much.

This summer, we haven't had as many adult staff as we would like, but the staff we have had have been extremely encouraging, and have blessed us greatly. I love being part of a team that knows and understands what God has done for us. I took the picture below, because I was so excited to get to minister this week with these men of God.

Steve Gillette, Keith Stringfellow, Daniel Frank, and Vic Cordova

These guys are so different in their styles, ages, and the way they reach the boys this week, but one thing that they have in common is that they love these teens, and want to see them come to know our Savior. They are living like they are loved, and passing that on to these teens. Pray for the students that these guys, and so many other staff, loved this week. Pray that they would continue to seek a relationship with God, and that the seeds that were planted would turn to ripe fruit ready for harvest.

If you love Jesus, like these guys, and want to be a part of the amazing things that God is doing, please consider joining us this summer or next.

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