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Baptisms and an interview with a great volunteer.

This Fall, we were blessed to get to go to the baptism of two young people, Trent and Vivien. It was extra special because Vivien gave her life to Christ this summer and her family is in our life group at church. It is great to be able to be a part of her life and get to see her and her brother take that next step in faith as they publicly proclaimed their faith in Jesus.

Winter at Forward Bible Camp is very different from summer. People often ask, “What do you do all winter?”. This season has time to reflect on our last summer and figure out how we can change things to improve the camp experience. We get to work on our staff training, our camp theme for next summer, improve the facilities, and plow snow. We have already had 18” of snow, most of which was melted pretty quick by warm rains. One difficulty we had this year was not having enough volunteers. Pray for us as we promote camp and volunteering in the spring, and for you and how you can join with us in this valuable ministry. Some of our best volunteer cabin leaders are in their 30’s and 40’s. I did an interview with Nadia Choban, who has volunteered with us for several years now, and I was encouraged as I thought of all the lives that she has impacted at both her church and Forward Bible Camp. I know God is calling so many more volunteers. Please pray for those volunteers to say “Yes” to His calling.

We are also looking to increase the number of churches and individuals that are on our family’s financial support team. If you know that your church doesn’t yet support us, please talk to us and let’s work on partnering together.

Have a Merry Christmas, TJ Morris and family.

If you would like to see the video testimony/interview with Nadia, click here.

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