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A lot has happened in 5 days

I want everyone reading this to take notice. It has only been 5 days since my last newsletter, but I wanted to share some of what has happened.

About the fire

I wrote last week about our evacuation and many of you were praying for us. The next day the mandatory part of the evacuation was lifted. Thank you for praying, and please continue to pray. At this point, the fire is 13 miles away from camp. It is at the top of a canyon, that has a small river running though it. The fire team has said that it is not easy for the fire to move down that canyon and has been at about the same point for several days now. If strong winds from the east get that fire down the canyon and over the river then it will grow and move fast from there. Please pray that they are able to contain the fire and that it does not get down that canyon.

Our family is staying with the McEfee's and plan to move back in on Sunday. We will likely keep some of our larger things at their house till the fire is out, because it is not easy to move back and forth with large things like bunny hutches.

About the face

The day after our last newsletter, the kids were playing Marco Polo in a bedroom and Oliver thought it would be interesting to throw a sipper cup at Madilynn. He hit her in her tooth, which broke the tooth into several places. (If you are like me, I am sorry that the picture below is painful to look at)

We were able to get the tooth repaired yesterday, but Madi is in need of Orthodontic work. She has several teeth coming in on top of each other and it is pushing her front teeth back, which didn't help in the cup incident. She needs her upper and lower palettes expanded. We had dentists warn us years ago that she would need the orthodontic work and now is the time. We have had a few people let us know that they would like to help with the $4761 bill. We are very thankful that we have an emergency fund of 6 months expenses set up, and with help are hoping that we won't have to go too deep into that. After fixing the front tooth, Madi was excited to take a picture of her reconstructed smile.

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