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Have you seen God show up?

I love seeing God show up. I try to avoid the news, but when I end up watching/listening, you would think that the world is over and God isn't showing up. In this newsletter, I shared a few examples of God showing up in my families lives, our volunteers, tractor, and a wayward camper.

I shared in our last newsletter about Camp not being able to have campers this summer. I also shared that due to the lack of funds, the camp was going to have to stop supporting the housing of Mitch and Tami McEfee. I also shared how our support was going to be cut, though in a much smaller amount as we have housing at camp. Many people have given to the camp, the McEfee family, and my family, and it has been amazing to see God provide through generous donations from all over. We are grateful and excited as God has provided above and beyond the lost donations so far. We ask that you continue to think of us, both in prayer and financial giving as we continue to serve this summer, even though we don’t have campers right now.

There are a few other examples of God providing that I would like to share. The first is one of our faithful volunteers had a camping trip planned that was cancelled due to COVID-19. He and his wife came up to camp to rake for a weekend (even though we can’t have people stay the night at camp, we can have people use their own trailers/RVs). While raking and clearing pine needles, the tractor broke. He and his wife paid to get the parts for the tractor to be replaced. It is so fun to see God not only provide the right volunteer at the right time, but a way for repairing the broken tractor.

A life that we were able to see repaired during this lock down, was two weeks ago when we went to church with Mitch and Tami at Cool Community Church. The church we regularly attend has not been able to open yet, and so we decided to go to church with them. When we arrived at the outdoor service and set up our folding chairs, children, and an EZ up, we were greeted by several past campers that were excited to see us. One past camper greeted us with a smile and was glad to tell me about the changes that have happened in her life since she was at camp. During her time at camp, she had struggled with authority and spent much of her time with the guys that she knew her family wouldn’t want her spend time with. In the last year she got married and started going back to church. She was filled with the joy and light that following Christ brings. What she didn’t know was that last year when Tami was in BSF, her sister had her as a prayer request because she wasn’t following God. As a camp staff, we were praying that she would come back to her faith and relationship with Jesus. It is so great to see God work in the lives of the lost.

This Saturday at 8am, we are hosting the Divide Wide Men’s Breakfast. You don’t have to be from The Divide to come, and some volunteers have asked if they can do a workday after the breakfast is over. If you are interested in one, or both, please

let me know. I will be preaching, but don’t let that stop you from joining us.

Click here for some pictures of what things are starting to look like, as well as the amazing volunteers that have helped to get it that way. More volunteers are needed and you can email me if your are interested in joining us.

Click here for our promo video for Family Camp, which is happening later in the year. Right now, we are working on how many days are ideal for most families, so let us know what you think.

Click here to support Mitch and Tami.

Click here to support my family, join our mailing list, see past newsletters, and more.

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