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Letter from Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders is a friend, board member, and retired InFaith missionary. Here is a letter he wrote regarding our ministry:

I have known TJ Morris for over 13 years. We have served together as InFaith Field Staff. He is one of the leaders at Forward Bible Camp and on the Mother Lode Field, and I retired on the San Joaquin Field last year. His sweet wife Charissa grew up involved with her parents, Mitch and Tami McEfee, at Forward Bible Camp. I am writing to encourage your involvement with their financial backing.

What a team Charissa and TJ make! Before their marriage, they were volunteers at camp--TJ for two years, and Charissa since she was only ten years old! They have 5 amazing kids, all becoming deeply oriented toward Bible camp outreach themselves. They are also a driving force for a Bible study for mentoring parents.

Their roles at camp are critical. As the mother of five, Charissa’s roles are now a little more limited.

· TJ plans the summer program including the theme, T-shirt design, orientation for Bible teachers, and small group study sessions.

· He also recruits and develops the summer staff with training online and on the grounds. (I used their methods in my camping program.) He is certified as a High Ropes Trainer with PRCA and trains the High Ropes staff, too.

· Charissa takes special interest in keeping staff morale up through events and TLC.

· TJ creates the camp’s promotion materials including posters, flyers, and videos.

· He purchases sweatshirts and other items to be sold in the camp store.

· He negotiates the rental contracts for camp and corresponds with the groups involved.

· He shares in the maintenance and clean-up of the camp and runs crews when needed.

· TJ speaks in several youth groups and churches each year to promote camp and share the Gospel.

Mitch McEfee considers TJ as his partner in ministry, and they talk and pray about everything and generally come to a consensus on what directions to take. They are busy now understanding and planning for work after the pandemic, which may permanently change how we do ministry in camp, churches, and many other endeavors.

What a valuable resource TJ and Charissa are for Gospel outreach! We are blessed to have them working where they are. We need to keep them busy and effective, and we need to bolster their financial support so that they can give themselves fully to the work.

Please join with others in increasing the Morris’ financial support. You will be pleased that you did.

-Greg Sanders

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