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New missionaries and plenty of firewood

I am excited about the camps that are going to take place this Summer. Today, Mitch and I rode around camp working on a plan of attack for all that still needs to be done. There are projects all over the camp. The camp looks like a lumber war zone with trees down all over the place and PG&E continues to take more down each day. We continued our list of projects that still need to be done, which I will list several below, in case you find yourself reading this with the skills and time to help us take care of one of them. Maybe at the workday this Saturday for instance. You can take all the wood you want home with you. (More past the pictures.)

After our family trip last fall, Madi started saving to go to camp. She decided that she wanted to not just go to Forward Bible Camp (where we live and serve), but to attend Broken Arrow Bible Ranch (BABR) next year. I was excited that she had saved all her money for something so cute, and I called my friends at BABR to tell them that our time at their camp had made a lasting impact on Madi and that we would be joining them next Summer. They told me that they had a group and speaker cancel for this Summer, and I let them know that I only had one week available; over Fourth of July, which was the week of their cancellation. I am now working on taking some of our staff and Madi on our week off to serve in New Mexico at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch. We will still be running camp all Summer, and it is amazing that we will be able to help another camp on days that we struggle filling due to our camps not wanting to use the week of 4th of July. I am hoping to get at least 4 volunteers from our trained camp leaders that can join Madi and I to help for their camp July 5th-9th. We will be traveling July 3rd-10th. If you would please consider partnering with this short-term mission trip, I am trying to make it as affordable for our camp volunteers as possible. With gas prices, we can do the trip for $300 each, for a total of $1800. Our car can hold 8, so it would be neat to fill the car up with people for this trip. Donations for the trip can be made to our fund through our InFaith link here: Please note the donation as for ‘Ministry Funds’, so we know the donation isn’t part of our regular support and are able to bring the cost down for each of the volunteers.

We have several staff/volunteer updates that are exciting. We have been praying for years that God would provide another full-time missionary couple to join Mitch and Tami McEfee and our family at camp. Two weeks ago, Caleb Dubinsky (a past Summer Missionary) married Natasha Tank and they are now raising support to join us at camp full-time. They will be interning while they raise support. We went through pre-marriage counseling with them, and I think the video I made for their wedding will help you to get to know them a little better. You can watch that video here: We also have three Summer Missionaries (SM) joining us this year. Ian, my oldest kid is going to be an unofficial Summer Missionary, since he isn’t old enough to be a missionary through InFaith. He was a SM last year and did a great job running A/V, cleaning the pool, and helping set up and take down activities. Brooke Fulp and William Smith are our other two Summer Missionaries through InFaith and are both very special young people that will make a great addition to our team this year. I am very excited to have these 5 join us for the Summer. If you would like to join the support team of any of them, you can do so with a tax-deductible donation at . Ian would love a supporter or two as well, but would have to be direct due to his not being 16 and official yet.


Replace broken windows

Fix door handles on cabins that don’t work (several)

Plaster and paint pool

Put hydraulic lines on tractor

Change oil on tractor

Chainsaw trees

Clear brush


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